The Thematic Group forum category is a place to discuss everything related to different fields of Anthropology. Here you can access the following forums:

Anthropology and Anthropologists - A forum for reflection on our own discipline: history, contemporary life and issues in an anthropological world, and the future of our discipline.

Anthropology of Science & STS - For everyone interested in studying science or in Science and Technology Studies frameworks.

Anthropology of Organisations - Discussion related to the research of organisations – activist, nongovernmental , development, business, international, regional.

Anthropology of Migration - For all those interested in actively exchanging ideas, concerns and viewpoints on migration, as well as for those who want to create collaborative forms of research on migration.

Consciousness and Cosmology / Religion and Shamanism - A space to exchange knowledge concerning Religion, Shamanism, Conciousness, Cosmology and other stuff like Healing, Astrology, Ritual, Spirituality, Esoteric, Mythology, Meditation, etc.

Critical & Participatory Education within the University - Discussion on new ways of education within in the university.

Economic Anthropology - A forum to discuss topics in the fields of economic anthropology: may it be stone age economics, sweetness and power, Montagnais "Hunting Territory", common-pool resource, etc.

Medical Anthropology - This forum offers space to discuss ideas, experiences, topics, researches, etc. connected with the field of medical anthropology.

Music of the World - For all those who are interested in Music of the World, Ethnomusicology or Anthropology of Music. To discuss about topics and exchange information related to these fields.

M(ultim)edia Anthropology - A forum dedicated to the idea that media is a cultural phenomena, worthy of study using the concepts and methods anthropologists have developed for the study of cultures.

Postcolonialism - Forum for the discussion of postcolonialist themes and theories.

Psychological Anthropology - Discussion related to the field of Psychological Anthropology.

Queer Anthropology - This forums is a place for discussion about Gender, Queer and LGBT topics.